Normal is just a matter of consensus

Paulo Coelho

Kink Aware Professionals (KAP)

Kink Aware Professionals are experts from different fields who work with people of different sexual orientations, preferences and alternative relationship models. They are open to these forms of sexuality as long as they are practiced consensually, safely, and with common sense.

The KAP Policy was developed by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) developed in the USA. This organization advocates equal rights and equal treatment for adults with alternative sexual preferences and relationship models.

Kink Aware Professionals Association (KAPA)

We endorse the community of Kink and Poly Aware professionals and support open, positive, consensual and responsible sexuality.

  • We want to create a strong network for the Kink and Poly Aware professional community. We provide a common basis to support each other by promoting exchange and to working together.
  • We encourage open communication and public awareness with the goal of enabling more acceptance and education in the Kink Aware and Poly space.
  • We offer quality assurance through intervision and supervision – through interdisciplinary and professional discussions in the kink and poly area.