Next meeting: 20.10.2023, 19 h (entry at 18:45h) – IN GERMAN

We want to give Kink Aware Professionals the opportunity to network, get to know each other and establish a common basis.

Working in the area of sexuality can be challenging, since sexuality is still considered a taboo topic in our society. Accordingly, alternative forms of sexuality are even more stigmatised.

The same goes for relationship constellations that differ from monogamous relationsip concepts. Non-monogamy is still the exception of societal norms.

It is our declared goal to connect experts of said fields to network, exchange ideas, learn from and support each other.

With our networking meeting we want to provide a platform for Kink and Poly Aware Professionals. In the future a regular part of our meetings will consist of expert talks and presentations, in addition to the opportunity of chat and discussion.

In order to work locally as well as within a wider geographic range we will hold some of our meetings in person, others online.

If you are interested to participate please send an email to: office (at)