A professionally lead online first-hand experience group for everyone interested in the diverse varieties of what sexuality and alternative relationship models can be like. We provide a safe and confidential frame work to explore the sometimes unconventional aspects of life:

  • diverse sexual preferences, including BDSM and fetish etc.
  • diverse identities and relationship within D/s-constellations
  • different relationship models (monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, swinging etc.)
  • perceiving and communicating one’s own boundaries, wishes and needs as well as respecting the boundaries, wishes and needs of partners and others
  • exchanging experiences and receiving feedback within the group
  • support during the process of opening up a relationship or in the transition towards polyamory / ethical non-monogamy

Setting: you are welcome in the experience group after a short personal phone call with one of the group instructors

Number of participants: min. 6 persons
Date: 18.10.2023, after that every third Wednesday of the month
Place: online via zoom
Language: main language is German. Please contact us if you would like to attend as english speaker
Setting: 18:00 – 21:15h  (4 classes of 45min including break)
Costs: 80 euro per evening (payment beforehand)
Inscription/questions/expressions of interest: office (at) kapa.expert

Group instructors: