Bettina Demel

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Mag.a Bettina Demel Bed.

Systemic psychotherapist in training (in training under supervision in est. June 2024)

Counselling Teacher, Potential Focused Coach

Phone: +43 6601235278

E-Mail: Bettina.Demel (at)


  • Councelling for family issues and special needs
  • Psychosocial care and education for children and teenagers with social and emotional demands or special needs
  • Support for people living in alternative relationship settings and polyamourous life designs

Mag.a Bettina Demel Bed.

Current: subject specific for systemic psychotherapy at LASF
Completed: propaedeutic APG
Potential focused coaching and education
Studies for special and remedial education University Vienna
Special education teaching KPH Wien
Montessori diploma

After many years of teaching and the facilitating of the social support network “Help point” for teenagers with challenging life situations Bettina switched completely to work as a school counsellor and crisis manager in the school- system. In her current training as a psychotherapist her fields of interest are alternative relationship designs and also addiction.
She herself lives polyamourous since many years and her co – therapists are unicorns.