Natascha Ditha Berger

Categories: Psychotherapist

Ing. Natascha Ditha BERGER, MSc.

Clinical Sexologist
Trauma Therapist
Life Coach
NLP Trainer

Nippongasse 10, 1220 Wien

Phone: +43 664 25 75 515
E-Mail: natascha (at)
Insta: @NataschasCouch – Facebook: Natascha’s Couch

Focus of work:

  • Polyamory
  • Sexuality
  • Kink

Ing. Natascha Ditha Berger, MSc

Psychotherapist (Integrative Therapy)

Life Counsellor


Adult Educator

Trauma Therapist according Brainspotting

Clinical Sexologist according Sexocorporel

Group Therapist

PMA Level C certified project manager

ISTQB certified test manager

Since 2014 the focus of Natascha´s psychotherapeutic work lies on kink awareness and complex relationship strucutures eg. polyamory or consensual non-monogamy.

She started her day to day job in IT and still works as a project and test manager for complex IT environments.

As an integrative therapist, a scientific background is crucial to her, which she enhances with her personal experience.

Natascha´s master thesis is written about the connection of non-mongamy, identity and the psychotherapeutic relationship, making her one of the leading experts of theory and practice in the non-monogamic field.

In order to expand her knowledge and experience she is attending at international festivals and workshops – as a guest and a speaker.

Since 2018 she hosts the “Poly Group” at Schwelle Vienna, together with its founder Reinhard Gaida.

As sex is a crucial part of relationships, Natascha received further education  as a sex therapist (clinical sexologist according Sexocorporel) and trauma therapist according Brainspotting. Working as a kink and poly aware therapist, she enjoys working with individuals, couples or other relationship constellations and in group settings.