Sonja Pauli

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Sonja Pauli

Sexocorporel iSi basic level i.A.
+43 699 10639818

Focus of work:

  • Gynaecology (eg. vaginism, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, reduced perception of pleasure…)
  • Urology (eg. recurrent urinary tract infections or prostatitis, urine loss, problems with voiding…)
  • Sexual medicine (eg. anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation…)

In her profession as a physiotherapist Sonja Pauli works with the body. People of any sex, gender, sexual orientation and ability are welcome in her practice!
In her work she specialised in the treatment of chronic pain and pain syndromes affecting the pelvis or the area of the genitalia. Often, people who experience pain are also familiar with restrictions regarding their sexuality, their sense of pleasure or their ability to feel confident in their own (sexual) body.
Sonja Pauli tries to create a space free from prejudice, where intimate topics can be talked about openly and are treated respectfully.
Kink, BDSM and alternative relationship models are part of her work as she positions herself as supportive of and informed about these topics. Concrete questions of how to eg. reduce the risk of health impairments in practices that require a higher level of physical strain or about diverse problems impacting the experience of a fulfilled sexuality can be targeted toghether.
To her, a perspective oriented towards her patients´ ressources is crucial. As it is not always possible to find the causal ´cure´ for every sexual health issue within a short time frame, working towards the exploration and exploitation of one´s own potential under the concurrent circumstances can be very useful. In that, kink and BDSM, viewed as practices that hold the potential of living a fulfilled sexuality regardless of genital arousal or penetration and thus lifting off pressure from those, can serve as valuable ressources for those matters.

Gemeinschaftspraxis Floridsdorf

Pius-Parsch-Platz 2 / 4.Stock, 1210 Wien
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TRINICUM – Zentrum für Integrative Medizin und Schmerztherapie

Schwarzenbergplatz 6, 1030 Wien
s.pauli (at)

Both practices are wheelchair accessible.